“Thank you for everything you did leading up to the wedding…Your magnificent attention to detail and charm allowed a brilliant, unforgettable evening to happen.  Thank you.  You amazed me!”

~ Alain, Chicago, IL

“From large-picture planning to small-scale details, Tamar will make sure that your personal vision is carried through.  She has an artistic flair and disciplined work ethic that means everything will look fabulous and run like clockwork!” 

~ Leila, Boston, MA

“You saved the wedding!  You’re the best!”

~ Duncan, Boston, MA

“Tamar is organized, professional and gets the job done.  She has helped me with more than a few affairs, including my 200-person wedding weekend.  She gets the details without losing the big picture.  I highly recommend her for any size occasion or project.”

~ Jason, Chicago, IL

“I’m particularly impressed by Tamar’s attention to detail and commitment to the ‘experience’ of an event.  She quickly assesses the needs and vision of the hosts but also asks questions that allow her to go above and beyond.  Her commitment to a positive, energetic, and thoughtful event has really helped us bring our events to a new level and reach new audiences.”

~ Naomi, Ann Arbor, MI

“Thank you for all of your hard work at my wedding.  You did an amazing job and EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!  I cannot thank you enough.  You are simply the best!”

~ Carolyn, Chicago, IL

“Tamar puts people at ease, is welcoming, and ensures that everything flows well.  She has exceptional attention to detail, is creative and focused on making personal connections.  She makes sure all guests are attended to and that everyone has a terrific time.  I recommend her highly!!”

~ Deborah, Chicago, IL

“Tamar is not only imaginative and fun, she is also consistently organized to a T, a combination that makes her naturally suited for event planning and a pleasure to work with.  Her breadth of experience is impressive, making her services adaptable to nearly any event type.  I have seen her skills range from wooing influential alums of a prestigious college, to designing group activities for boisterous 20-somethings, to dialogues on social justice issues.”

~ Leah, San Francisco, CA

“Tamar has a great eye for design and offered creative ideas for fundraising and unique venues.  She listened carefully to [our] team’s ideas, doing all in her power to help bring their ideas to fruition…The discussion was a sensitive one, but Tamar facilitated it with such composure, giving every attendee a chance to voice her thoughts, and offering innovative and respectful solutions that would allow different people’s concerns and needs to be met.  Finally, Tamar’s sense of humor, approachability and kindness make her so much fun to work with!  I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful event planner!” 

~ Divya, Cambridge, MA